{it means everything}
on the other side of town is lucifer, pressing hasty kisses on lillith’s neck in a dirty restroom. her lipstick is sin-red and smudged.


but under compulsion and by will of the immortals, men promote this rough Eris.


The Golden Trio (slightly inspired by this)

woah when will this fucking head cold go away im supposed to be on vacation

the mirror's image: it's home time

The road is long.The path uncertain.For so many of us, the journey is one of solitude.We tell ourselves we must walk this arduous road alone.Face whatever comes, no matter how terrible.Some of us call on angels to spread their wings and protect us.Others long to see the path, hoping they will come to know the way through the Lord’s nourishment.What if we are shown the way? Will we continue on this road, alone, blind, and afraid? Or will we have the strength to follow his path?

video game soundtracks that you’ll never want to hear again [listen]
a fanmix of soundtracks that were playing during my most painful and sad video games’ expiriences

You saw her beauty, but not the iron underneath